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This page attempts to answer the questions most seen on the forums. This is a must read for beginners!


The Samsung NC10 FAQ


Should I buy an NC10?

Only you can answer this! But if you are looking for a small, ultra portable, good looking, functional netbook with a keyboard and screen big enough to use on a daily basis then yes - the NC10 might be for you. However with new models on the way, you might want to investigate the N110, N120, etc.

Where can I buy an NC10 netbook?

The NC10 netbook is available from many online stores - check out the where to buy guide for some possible suggestions and tips for buying.

Where are they in stock?

The NC10 has been very popular and stock can be hard to find at times. Look through the stores in our where to buy guide for some suggestions. With new models on the way it seems they are easier to get and cheaper than ever!

Where can I buy accessories for my new Samsung NC10 netbook?

There are a selection of netbook accessories on this site. This lists a range of upgrades, gadgets and accessories for your NC10 and other home computers. The page contains items selected automatically by Amazon along with items suggested by the NC10 user community - however please check compatibility before purchase.

Hardware Issues

I've read that the NC10 supports 800Mhz RAM why is everyone installing 667Mhz chips?

Samsung recommend installing the lower speed RAM. Although 800Mhz RAM should work the bus speed of the chipset will mean that it will actually run at a lower speed. Please check with Samsung support before upgrading.

How many RAM slots are there?

There is only one RAM slot accessible through the upgrade hatch. To upgrade the 1GB chip must be replaced with a 2GB chip.

How do I know when my NC10 is charged up?

The charge light will go from an amber colour to green. Many netbook owners have reported that their battery came fully charged.

I find the trackpad hard to use, what can I do?

There are a range of options to configure the trackpad for easier use. Look under Control Panel->Mouse.

Also you can buy a mouse a mini mouse or a mini trackball which works well with a netbook and means you can just hold it without having a surface around.

Any more tips for using a trackpad?

No. But if you still have problems then one of these could be your answer

Can I watch TV on my NC10?

Yes! With the right equipment for your location. Check here, and here for a starter.

Does the NC10 have problems with screen blotches?

A small minority of users have reported blotches on the screen, these vary from very light hard to see marks that people are happy to live with to quite dark patches that need replacing. I have not heard of a new buyer experiencing this issue for a while now so hopefully it has been fixed. The majority of users have reported a fine clear bright screen!

Any advice on what screwdiver to use?

Sure, why not. Check this thread

How can I make my NC10 speakers louder?

Try the suggestion in this thread or how about this one

Scrolling stops working on my NC10 after viewing flash apps at full screen?

Seems to be a probelm with Synaptic touch pads, check out this thread.

How can I reset the BIOS password on a Samsung NC10?

You need to short the reset pins underneath the RAM. This is not recommended for the inexperienced user so take care of your password very carefully! However if you have to do it, check out this thread.

I've Heard there is a hidden BIOS setting

Press F2 during boot up to enter the NC10 BIOS page, it is then possible to unlock further advanced options. Press (Fn + F11) release the keys then press (Fn + F11). Scroll across using the arrow key and the new tab 'Intel' will appear. These are advanced options and should be adjusted by experts. Do not experiment with this. This only works with certain BIOS versions and the latest 11CA has removed this feature.

Is it possible to downgrade my BIOS?

Check out this forum thread - downgrade NC10 BIOS. Perform this update at your own risk!

How many PCIe slots does the NC10 have?

The NC10 has 2 mini PCIe slots, however only ones which come with HSDPA (mobile internet) have the second connector soldered in place.

Where can I get Windows 7 Drivers for my NC10?

They are now available on the Samsung site. Check out this thread

How can I setup my NC10's 3G modem in Windows 7

Check out these hints.

NC10 Case

I want to remove the Samsung Logo, can I?

You can, this thread shows you how.

What will it look like afterwards?

A SammyNetbook member has kindly shared a photo in this post

NC10 Gaming

Can I play games on my Samsung Netbook?

Yes. But! The NC10 is simply not a gaming machine. If you buy this with the intent of playing modern high profile next generation games then I am afraid you will be disappointed.

So what games can I play on the NC10?

Lots of games! Any compatible game about 5-10 years old will run great without too much worry. Newer games may run OK and even some modern games are playable.

How can I play games without a CD drive?

We won't help you get round copy protection on this site. However we do suggest using download services such as steam or GoG

Any Further Information on what games work on the NC10?

Check out the NC10 gaming guide to see which games run and how well as well as tips on how to get them to work!

NC10 Keyboard

My Keyboard doesn't work, I type letters on my NC10 but see numbers, what is going on?

Make sure you don't have numlock switched on! FN+F11 (when it is on, the left-most light on the front edge of your NC10 is lit)

Is the Nano Silver keyboard safe?

If you ask Samsung, then yes! Google around and you will find scare stories. There is Chemistry hidden away in most things in modern life so it's important to see all this in context. Read up what other Samsung NC10 owners think on our forum: Nano Silver Safety

My keyboard squeaks, needs a clean, or... How do I remove the keyboard?

Check out this keyboard guide. Do not attempt anything like this if you are not prepared to risk voiding your warranty. All modifications are done at your own risk!

I have blue keys on my Samsung NC10?

Yes this is normal! The black and blue models have black keyboards with dark blue coloured F7 and F8 keys. This can be hard to notice with poor lighting. It is thought that they relate to the Samsung software controlled by FN + these keys.

NC10 Screen

What can I do if I have broken my NC10 screen?

A SammyNetbook member unfortunately went through this tragic experience and posted back some helpful tips for replacing the NC10 LCD!

  • Yes, you can change it yourself, it's a very, very easy process.
  • The NC10 lcd model nr. is CLAA102NA0ACW, 10.2" wsvga 1024x600.
  • The average price for this lcd are: 80£, 90€, 120$ with the glossy addition.
  • Where to find them? Putting the model nr. in various ebays (com,uk,de,es) gave me a pretty good and wide choice and probably will be your best bet.

Check out ebay.

Can I use software at a resolution of 1024x768 on my NC10?

There are two ways to get round the 600 pixel vertical limitation. You can either:

  • Control Panel > Display > Settings > Advanced > Monitor > untick 'Hide modes that this monitor cannot display
  • Install Easy Resolution Manager available from Samsung, or installed as standard on new netbook models.

The second option compresses the image, the first allows you to scroll to view the extra pixels. Choose the method that you prefer!

NC10 Installed Software

Why does my Samsung Netbook play music when closed?

This is the default Screen Saver and has been known to suprise a few netbook owners! To get rid of it, pick a new screen saver:

  • Right Click on your desktop, select properties, then screen saver. Pick a different one!

Or you could just go into the properties of the screensaver and put a tick in the mute box.

NC10 Special Edition

I heard there is a special edition of the NC10, what is so special about it?

The special edition NC10 has a high capacity battery which can provide an extra 50% of usability time. It also has a bigger trackpad.

How much bigger is the new track pad?

Not hugely different, but it is bigger. 3325825490_5dfb8f7bb5_m.jpg

Does the special edition touchpad allow multi touch?

Strangely no, the special edition does not have multi touch support.

Where can I buy the special edition?

Currently only from here

Is it likely to be availble in the UK or elsewhere in Europe?

Possibly. I have asked but they were unable to provide a helpful answer. If anyone hears differently - please let us know!

I already own an NC10, can I buy a high capacity 9-cell battery?

Yes, check out this list of Samsung NC10 Replacement batteries

The Netbook FAQ

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